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Welcome to “Emas Metal Construction”

Metal Mechanical Factory E.M.A.S is company incorporated in 2012 and operates in the field of iron processing and realization of construction and metal works.

The company headquarters is located in parallel Street National Vore-Maminas Km.1, where it has a facility with an area of 1000 square meters which is equipped with various machinery for the processing of metals.

Thanks to many years of experience working in Italy, the company is specialized for implementation and asembliming of industrial and construction and metal works of every kind, ranging from those light to heavier ones.

Why choose us  ?

services1We always respect deadlines and limits that our client determines for the need of our services. We are totally motivated to fulfill every request in real time and to deliver it in record time

users6Thanks to many years of experience working in Italy, the company is specialized for implementation, asemblimin of  industrial plants, construction and metal works of every kind ranging from those with light to heavier ones.

verification5We are represented by the correctness and integrity. Emas Metal Construction and the entire staff is directed towards customer service and this service only. Our objective is always to the fulfill the  demands from our customers

Our services

Emas Metal Construction performs different metal cuttings giving them the desired shape and size due to the machinery that we own.
Different shapes created with sheet metal (tin) and completing any application for clients.
Drilling, turning, reaming, ratification, various welding of metals in diameters and size by choise

1Advanced Technology

EMAS Metal Construction uses modern tools to provide all its services to each customer


We offer warranty on all our services and retain total responsibility on them.


Our experience is one of the key factors towards higher standards that make customers choose our services.

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